Creating balanced and joyful lives for busy moms

It’s totally time for you to design, love and ENJOY your life and the many wonderful things it has to offer.

No matter how busy you are, mama, you DESERVE to feel amazing and be honored. Yet, between keeping up with everything from your job, your household, your relationships and your kids, you’re fining it impossible to take care of yourselves…

Take care of yourself...

 to become a better mom, employee, wife, friend and a better YOU!

You’re at your whit’s end, I get it…

Now a days trying to focus on one thing at a time is next to impossible cause there are not enough hours in the day, especially when you work all day and come home to take care of the family.  

Not sure about you, but after a long day I usually end up with a messy bun on my head and crawl into my jammies and have zero energy.

What happens on the days that you are feeling sad, anxious or just unhappy on how your life is turning out to be?


You can’t talk to your husband about it because he’s stressed too and doesn’t understand that the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You can’t talk to your kids about it because you just want them to be happy, and your friends either feel the same way and it end up being a big complain session when you get together, or you can’t even find the time to connect!  

Sometimes, we just feel stuck or waiting for something excited to happen or simply waiting for the weekend to end to go out and enjoy it. Sometimes you just feel like, “What am I doing? How did I get here? Why haven’t I done the things I always I wanted to do with my life?” You are feeling so unmotivated about just getting out of bed.

You wake up every day just going day by day waiting for the weekend to come by to be able to spend the time with either family or enjoy it.  We both know 2 days is just not enough it goes by so quickly when you realize we are back to Monday.  I totally feel you I have been there way too many times. You are not alone in this and at one point I was just like you I needed that change in my life but its up to us to change it and sometimes we need that little push or guidance of how to live a bliss full life.


Imagine this life instead…

Of course every now and then the feeling of sleeping in, sure comes over but when you are in complete harmony with yourself life just feels completely amazing that you think to yourself why would you want to waste wake up and start your day bright and early to have it all.  Life can really be that amazing and magical when you learn to live in that golden bliss you've always dreamed of.  See, most people are not too excited of waking up or excited what so ever to go to work and deal with negative coworkers, grouchy bosses or deal with unpleasant mornings to get the kids ready for school.   How do you by past all this going around?  See, when you learn to put yourself first, little things that use to bother you will easily disappear your surface and learning how to handle situations that use to make your mornings tragic will help you have a better morning and not only that but a more pleasant, blissful day.  

Imagine waking up every day feeling completely fulfilled, excited to start your day with enthusiasm.  Imagine the feeling of waking up to a nice stretch and a smile on your face and getting your morning going just right.  Imagine the feeling and excitement of what your day will bring. Could it be possible to just wake up happy every day instead of feeling tired or not too happy to have a dreadful day at the office or if you are a stay at home mom fighting your morning trying to get the kids off to school? I remember running around getting everyone at the house was my work out of the day and my morning was just getting started and I already couldn't wait to get back to bed. You are probably asking yourself what can possibly be exciting about this right? I know its happened to me and trust me  I am so glad those days for me are so over.

I've been there and I feel your pain...


All of my life I hid behind people. I didn’t think I was a leader. I thought management wasn’t for me. I thought owning a business FOR SURE wasn’t for me. I had a lot of insecurities about not having gone to college, BUT I knew I was meant for more.

I was a young mom, I worked in the same job since the age 18. There were times where I worked 7 days per week and had NO time for my kids, and no time for myself. I didn’t know the “rules” on how to be a mom.

I missed out on weekends with my kids, I missed my daughter’s best soccer game ever. I tried to buy them things to make up for it, but we all knew that wasn’t enough. What they needed was me.

Photo Jul 08, 7 39 03 PM.jpg

Something had to change.

Once I was open to listening to the guidance, the Universe started to give me hints for a new path to go on. I stumbled across a chakra meditation challenge and I knew I had to participate. I realized later than the Universe was leading m to this for a while. Weeks before I saw the challenge, a book literally fell off the shelf in front of me, it was a chakra healing guide. I had a sensation all over my body that made me realize I needed this book.

I knew something was guiding and supporting me.

Once I started meditation and tapping in, I realized there were teachings in me that had to be shared with the Universe. Through all of my struggles, pain, and drama, I was learning lessons that needed to be shared with other women that need the support.

We all need that guidance when we feel we have no one to turn to. 

I support women to find the balance in life, to find enjoyment and to find happiness. I believe we all have lessons to share and a message to spread.

I strongly believe that the only way you will fail is if you quit. I am going to keep trying, I’m going to shine as much as I can, because I KNOW I CAN, and I KNOW YOU CAN. You know when you see the glow in your face that it’s the true you.  


21 Days to Design your Golden Bliss Life


Step 1. Intro Call - What are your goals?. 

Step 2. 

Not having enough time

Not being appreciated

Having so much responsibility (being a mom, wife, having a job etc)

No time for self-care

Stress, Low energy, disconnected

It takes 21 days to anchor a new habit,  you will get into the habit of tuning into them while you're getting into the habit of creating your new habit and by the end of the 3 weeks ideally your new habit should be on autopilot.

During the next 3 weeks we will work on creating something that you have been putting off and create that new habit that will stick with you. Each day you will receive an email from me that will help you understand how much  your beliefs, thoughts, words, emotions form the habits you have now. it will also include a worksheet that you will fill out and send back to me everyday.

By the end of this challenge not only will you have crated a new habit but you would also have the tools to change many areas of your life.

The first lesson lays the base of the next 21 days explaining what habits are, and why its so important to have good habits and why sometimes we fail in doing them.  Through the course work you will be able to get clear on what habit you woould like to work on and write down on your journal or personal notebook. 

Cant wait to get this started soon....


Write a list of things they want in their life


A blurb telling them why they deserve all these things


What are the key ways you will support them? Ie:

-       Mindset work

-       Self love work

-       Money mindset

-       Health and wellness

-       Meditation…




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— J.Y.

Your blissful life is waiting.